Kindship Landing

As the first independently owned boutique hotel in downtown Colorado Springs, Kinship Landing brings locals and travelers together. At 25,559 square feet, Kinship Landing features a full bar, restaurant, a sun-filled Greenhaus, private and shared rooms, and a camp deck on the upper level.

This hotel offers 41 unique guest rooms, ranging in a variety of accommodation types from hostel-style bunkers to high-end suites complete with king beds, soaking tubs, fireplaces, and overhead doors that open to views of Pikes Peak. The Greenhaus welcomes guests who need a calming atmosphere to work or study and is a warm place for gathering with friends – old and new. Called an urban jungle, this room is filled with plants around and overhead. The concierge desk was constructed to be incorporated with Homa, Kinship Landing’s bar and restaurant, which allows travelers and locals to meet on common grounds. Kinship Landing brings people together around city exploration and outdoor adventure in the Colorado Springs area.

Photography by Richard Seldomridge