*Under Construction

At Kinship Landing, our aim is unquestionable hospitality and our motto is “stay, gather, explore, drink, eat”.

Stay: Choose a bunk room, a suite or a queen room from any of the available 40 rooms in our newly constructed hotel and spend as many nights as you want.

Gather: Meet fellow travelers & locals within Kinship Landing and learn new things about our community.

Explore: Tour downtown Colorado Springs, see the many sights and variants of attractions – Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, Garden of the Gods, Seven Bridges Trail, Palmer Park, etc.

Drink: Sip different flavors of drinks on the road, within Kinship Landing’s Bar & Café and everywhere else as you tour the city; local craft cocktail, beer and coffee are favorites here.

Eat: Grab healthy bites with new friends and cheerful locals to keep you energized for the many adventures you will experience while rock climbing, hiking or fishing in the clear waters.

We welcome you to a pristine boutique kind of hospitality and we hope you enjoy your stay at 415 S. Nevada Ave., Colorado Springs, CO. 80903.