Site Development

From initial site development to final construction, Gordon Construction is with you throughout the entire project. We start with a piece of land and help you turn the dirt and foliage into a fully-finished project. Although projects are developed and constructed on a range of geographical sites, typical site development services include:

  • Land Clearing
  • Over Lot & Grading
  • Surveying
  • Underground Utility Installation

Trusted Professionals

Gordon Construction has completed an extensive list of site development projects over the years. Clients include commercial buildings, multi-family construction, and custom homes. We take great pride in using industry-leading practices and being able to work on projects of all sizes while meeting all schedule requirements.


Excavation & Utility Work

We have years of experience in excavation services, including utility work for all kinds of projects. If you’re looking for someone qualified to meet your underground construction needs, turn to Gordon Construction of Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Trusted Results

We’ve worked with small- to medium-size projects for years, so we’ve built up extensive experience for all utility and excavation needs. We can install water and wastewater mainlines, wet service lines, underground gas and electric utilities, or dig foundations and drainage systems. We have all the proper equipment and safety procedures in place, so we always provide efficient services that meet any need.


Multi-Family Projects

Gordon Construction has served as the general contractor for several local multi-family buildings in Colorado Springs, Colorado. If you’re developing a new project, contact us today and learn how we can deliver the best results.

Qualified Contractors

We’ve had the honor of serving as the general contractor on many multi-family construction sites over the years. This has allowed us to control the quality, schedule, and budget of the multi-family buildings. Projects we’ve completed include:

  • Condominiums
  • Townhomes
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Gated Communities

Built to Last

Every project we take on, great or small, is held to the highest quality standards. Gordon Construction and our craftsmen will never cut corners in our work or the materials we use. We pay close attention to every stage of construction and employ only qualified professionals, ensuring the best results for every project.



Let us take your project from beginning to end with our design-build consulting services. This approach ensures a uniform result throughout as Gordon Construction will handle everything from building design to final construction.

Dedicated Staff

Design-build solutions ensure the design process and construction are handled by the same source. This allows for better organization, accountability, and client interaction from start to finish. It also ensures faster construction times and, most often, saves you money. Count on us to execute your vision from start to finish with perspective and quality.


Trucking and Rolloff Services

We also offer local trucking and roll off trash service.

Please call 719-634-2112 for details.